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Our Story & Passion

about us

Our Story & Passion

The Background

KK Designs London was the creation of Husband and Wife Team Barry and Nesrin Spencer-Higgins who were appalled at the ‘quality’ and lack of variety of phone cases available in the UK and Europe and decided to set-about rectifying this poor state of affairs.

In the case of Nesrin (a designer by profession) she was charged with putting together the in-house artistic and design team necessary to create literally thousands of unique and world beating designs for all major iPhone and Samsung phones – All from our London SW18 Design Studios.

In the case of Barry (a lawyer and established businessman) he went about carefully analyzing the quality of phone cases available and quickly came to the conclusion that in order to ensure the highest quality products it would be necessary to have much of the production machinery engineered and made in the British Isles. In particular, KK Designs is extremely proud of its unique British manufactured 3D cases, which have been deemed to be of such high quality that even renowned artists such as Berni Reeves have sanctioned that their works could be reproduced.


KK Designs London we have a genuine passion for art and design which we believe shows through in all our products. Everyday Nesrin and her Team seek new challenges and inspirations to ensure that our ‘Collections’ and product ranges are the best in the World. Unlike the often mechanical and bulk production methods used in the Far-East, each day starts with an artistic meeting, reviewing ‘new’ design sketches, independent artist’s submissions followed by the daily production cycle. The latter again being rather special as each and every production order is made individually by hand and then shipped out in our high quality cases all around the world.

The result is that when you buy a KK Designs London product you are really getting something rather special, one that is both robust, scratch resistant and artistically unique.