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iPhone Cases & Covers

Looking for a luxurious and designer iPhone case or cover that perfectly protects your device? Our cases and covers are specifically designed to be compatible with all generations of iPhones, making them the perfect choice for any discerning smartphone user. 

With a range of beautiful and luxurious designs available, our phone cases and covers offer an unrivaled level of style and sophistication. So why wait? Pick out your favourite iPhone case. Today!

It depends on the iphone 6 case. Some cases are made specifically for the iphone 6s, while others are made to fit a range of different mobile phone models. If you have an iphone 6 case that's not specifically designed for the iphone 6s, it's likely that it will fit, but there may be some slight differences in size or design. For example, the buttons on the side of the phone may be slightly smaller or differently shaped than on the iphone 6s, and the camera lens may protrude from the back of the phone a little more.

If you're not sure whether your case will fit the new phone model, it's always best to check.

Yes, xr cases fit iphone 11! We've got a great selection of xr phone cases that will protect your phone and keep it looking good. Check out our collection to see what we've got!

It depends on the brand and type of iPhone 11 case. If it's a slim, form-fitting case then it's likely to be too small for the iPhone 12. But most cases are designed to be versatile and fit different models of mobile phone, so there's a good chance that an iPhone 11 case will also fit the iPhone 12.

In any event, it's probably worth checking with the manufacturer or retailer to see if they offer a swap or refund policy in case the new phone is released before the old one is upgraded. After all, no one wants to be left with an outdated phone case!