Make mine marble

Simple, chic and refined, marble is making a major comeback and has established itself as the trendy décor material of this winter season. Adding its black and white swirls and veins to your phone accessories, marble is reinventing itself with its semblance on wallpaper, phone cases, fabrics, and manifesting itself in table art, lamps, and subtle accessories. You too should give in to this mineral and add it to your phone case.  A marble phone case will add sophistication and elegance to your phone look.


It seems you’re just not fashionable these days unless you own something in a mottled pattern of the marble kind.

Recently marble has trumped all the usual prints (like leopard and chevron) that dominate the fashion world, with fashion bloggers everywhere taking up the marble call for a more minimalist approach to pattern.


The success of marble in fashion began 10 years ago, when it established itself on the runway as a pattern used by designers, and most famous collections that included the marble motif of Raf Simons for Jil Sanders, where coats, shirts, and suits were “made of marble.” In 2012, Kenzo launched the “Marble Punch” collection through a video where the rooms were entirely made of marble, and it included the iconic boots with the marble wedge.


Then marble entered the fast-fashion world, creating an immediate “marble mania:” Converse, Dr. Martens, Adidas, and H&M made shoes and clothes with marble motif while, in terms of luxury accessories, Christian Louboutin launched the polished Pigalle Follies with veins inspired by Carrara marble. The Ganor Dominic décolleté with the marble representation of Apollo’s face in the sole of the shoes, which were made famous by Lady Gaga, are simply unforgettable.


If your phone is looking a little drab and shabby, why not spruce it up with a case from our marble phone case collection.

Marble phone cases in particular have taken Instagram by force. We dare you to scroll your feed without coming across a photo of well-primed hands clutching a chic marble phone.


Our marble phone case collection offers a range of designs from the simple and classic with black and white colouring, to a pink sophisticated swirl to bold gold and teal print.  Our art and design team have studied the latest trends within marble and created a collection that bring this seasons marble trend to phone case design, adding personality and fashion to your phone case.

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