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Only the best

Whatever phone case your select from KK Designs London, the one thing they all have in common is the finest quality materials, packaging and colour reproduction currently available. When you buy one of our products you are buying exclusivity including knowing that each and every one of our designs have been created in-house by one of extremely talented artists and/or designers.


Quality through Technology

KK Designs London has spent over 2 years researching and developing the technology to ensure that all its phone cases are not only robust and scratch resistant but also have art quality levels of reproduction. Before KK Designs even launched, many different machines were tested from all around the world but it soon became apparent that bespoke colour reproduction technology and indeed machinery was needed in order to provide the premium products sought. The end result is that unlike virtually all other companies in the sector, we do not import in machinery from the Far East but use British & Irish developed products which whilst expensive are genuinely class leading.


New Exclusive Designs Each Month

Stay on trend by changing case covers every time you update your outfit!

Perhaps more than anything else KK Designs is most proud of the fact that our in-house designers have created perhaps the largest portfolio of exclusive phone case designs in the World with new designs being released each month so there will definitely be something for everyone.

Meet the Designers

Whatever phone case design or type you choose, each and every one has been lovingly designed by one of our in-house designers for you so why not take a few moments to see these special people in action and watch our ‘Meet the Designers’ Video.

Phone Case Types

Whatever phone case design or type you choose each and every one has been carefully selected for its quality and colour reproductive qualities.

The 3D Tough Case

Tough but Beautiful

The 3D Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Tough Case combines art reproduction of the highest quality with a more flexible impact absorbing cover made even more durable by the separate bumper that makes this the ideal case for those living a busy and/or athletic life.

The 3D Snap Matt Case

The Subtle Choice

The 3D Matt Polycarbonate Snap Case is of the highest quality and provides a textured matt feel that is particularly suitable for the more art based designs created by KK Designs London.

The 3D Snap Gloss Case

The Glam Choice 

The 3D Gloss Polycarbonate Snap Case is again of the highest quality and provides a super smooth feel that is particularly suitable for our contemporary and pop art designs.